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Shelf climbing robot the talk of LogiMAT

19 February 2019

Exotec Solutions has been awarded 'Best Product 2019' in its category with the Skypod system, a robot that climbs warehouse shelves to pick items.

The Skypod system is said to be the first order preparation system in the world, based on 3D mobile robots. These robots transfer bins of goods to a 10-metre mass storage and bring them to the picking operators.

“Customers are looking for high performance and high-density systems, that can be easily modified to follow the unpredictable growth of their business. They cannot afford to invest in cathedrals of steel, for the next 10 years,” says Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec Solutions.

The system has been built for fast deployment and scalability. The free navigation reaches 4m/sec, and the artificial intelligence of the control allows to setup in a few weeks.

The fast implementation of the Skypod solution can slash a year out of commonly accepted lead times to get beneficial use of such systems. This leads to better ROI and allows to follow the pace of the eCommerce business.

Skypod is built to recover energy during downwards movements.

The redundancy in the system is said to be a key advantage, as maintenance is possible while the system is online.

Established in 2015, Exotec Solutions has successfully installed 4 systems and is planning to install more than twice that in 2019.