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Shuttle in warehouse extension 

13 June 2022

A WAREHOUSE extension completed at the end of 2021 by AR Racking saw the installation of a semi-automated storage system generating almost 5,000 additional pallet positions.

Logística de Menaje SL, part of the Grupo Marcos Larrañaga y CIA, which operates in the household items sector, chose AR Racking to carry out the extension of its logistics centre located in Alegría-Dulantzi, Spain.

The extension was the culmination of a continuous innovation process to adapt to the needs of its customers to offer a premium quality service in terms of design, production, logistics and administration. AR Racking had already completed an initial optimisation phase of 3,540 sq m of the warehouse in 2020.

In the second phase of the project, the extension covered a total of 1,445 sq m of the intermediate stock warehouse, and involved the installation of the AR Shuttle semi-automated storage system. This solution with motorised pallet shuttles has enabled maximum exploitation of both the floor and height space to generate a storage capacity for 4961 pallets, on top of the 12,960 obtained in the installation of 2020. In total, almost 18,000 positions for storing household products.  

Compact racking equipped with AR Shuttle make up a high-density storage system, enabling great use of the space and reduction of the work aisles of the forklift. In fact, it is the motorised pallet shuttles that transport the unit loads autonomously inside the racking structure.

The project had to consider complex development limitations that necessitated a detailed floor and height design, which AR Racking’s civil engineering and engineering work managed.

Of note too were the tight deadlines managed to get the warehouse operational as quickly as possible. Executing the installation of this second extension phase took 4 weeks. The initial phase was developed in 7 weeks. 

Menaje SL logistics director, Yolanda Ocio says: “Having the facilities up and running in record time allowed us to continue with our daily business operations adapting to the storage needs that arose. This intermediate stock area installed with the AR Shuttle system acts as a buffer from our shipment area and allows us to store a high number of references in a very reduced space.”

AR Racking project manager Xabier Rica, adds: “The joint work with Menaje SL’s logistics managers was key to developing the project according to its specific storage needs, and fully optimising the available space through the construction of the warehouse and design of the storage system.”

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