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Siemens Switchgear deploys AI-driven robotics

20 May 2021

The manufacturer has implemented a fully automated system, combining four AI-driven robotics solutions at its Shanghai factory.

Siemens Switchgear Shanghai started to consider automation after the company experienced a surge in demand for customised equipment, putting a strain on an already complex production process subject to inefficient storage of raw materials, labour-intensive material handling, and low visibility of the production process. After evaluating several automation solutions, the company chose a Geek+ solution to realise a more dynamic and efficient production process.

The four types of AI-driven logistics robots are the P800 Goods-to-Person robot, C200S Bin-to-Person robot, four-way shuttle, and heavy-load handling robot M1000.

Geek+ has consolidated the process for receiving raw materials, quality checking, storing, outbound collection, and transportation of raw materials from storage to the production line. The upgrade has said to provide 2-3 times more storage capacity, 99.99% accurate operations, 2.5 times storing efficiency, outbound collection process improved by 2.15 times, and 30% less manual labor needed.

Intelligent robots can be integrated with other equipment and existing infrastructure, allowing a more dynamic installation. Additionally, intelligent robots enable real-time visualisation of inventory, powered by intelligent algorithms and heat map software technology.

For more information, visit www.geekplus.com