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Social distancing: safety signage points way out of lockdown

05 May 2020

ASG Services recognises the intense pressure everyone in the logistics, retail and manufacturing industries is under at the moment, juggling the need to maintain operations at peak efficiency while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

To help firms observe Social Distancing rules, ASG has produced a new range of striking floor and wall/rack signage reinforcing the requirement to keep 2 metres (6 feet) apart at all times; acting as a constant reminder of the need to stay safe. 

Floor signs are all made from encapsulated Teslin, a tough synthetic material which is flexible, waterproof and tear resistant. To protect the printed surface and make the signs more rigid, each is laminated on both sides.

They are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial flooring and are designed for pedestrian walkways where the use of materials handling equipment is low. They can be utilised where MHE is in operation but should be placed where they cannot be easily damaged.

All signs have been anti-slip tested and when dry, have a low slip risk potential with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 84.

The wall/rack signage is made from sturdy 3mm Foamex and are suitable for most warehouse or factory environments.

Chris Hopkirk, ASG Sales Director, said: “We have all been touched by the inspirational efforts of Captain Tom Moore and his epic fundraising. In recognition of this, ASG Services is donating £1,000 to the charity NHS Charities Together for every 500 packs of the new signage sold. It is our way of giving back to all the care workers for their dedicated efforts in helping to keep us all safe.”

ASG has produced two new data sheets (SDSS01 & SDSS02) detailing the full range of signage options.

Please Note: Our signs will always follow latest government guidelines on Social Distancing. So, if the 2m distancing requirement changes, then our signs will change to reflect this.

For more details on all the options click here www.asgservices.co.uk