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Skypod delivers high-density storage

12 May 2022

LAC Conveyor Systems holds the key to a scalable, robot-based solution from Exotec. Here Exotec CEO, Romain Moulin answers questions on the innovative system.

THE SKYPOD System is an innovative robotic system combining high tote storage density with quick order picking via robotics. The system is described as an accelerant for change, supporting business growth with ease, despite market disruptions.

“Logistics leaders need flexible, effective warehouse automation that complements their existing operations. Leading retailers choose the Skypod System because it’s easy to deploy, maintain, change, and scale.”

LAC Conveyor Systems is the exclusive integrator partner for the Skypod in the UK, achieving this through a combination of passion for technology, successful installations and repeat business through the building of valuable customer relationships, driven by an ability to clearly understand customer needs.

Former GE Robotics architect and Exotec CEO, Romain Moulin, talks about Peak, supply chain disruptions, robotics and how the Skypod System offers the best performance on the market maintaining a high level of flexibility and adaptability.

HSS: Exotec works with some of the largest retailers around the world, how did your customers prepare for Peak? 

Romain Moulin: Every year brands hire additional warehouse workers to accommodate the busiest shopping season of the year. However, the ongoing labour shortage coupled with shifting market dynamics and persistent supply chain disruptions have created significant hiring challenges. Fortunately, the Exotec system offers an alternative path to increasing operational efficiency while also improving working conditions for human operators. Our customers will rent additional robots to supplement their operations during holiday peak — they can scale their operation up and down depending on seasonal demands.

HSS: What other ways are brands leveraging the Exotec Skypod System year-round? 

RM: Exotec works with industry-leading brands such as Gap, Decathlon, and Uniqlo to improve their warehouse efficiency and economics and to navigate an array of supply chain challenges. Skypod robots reach a height of 36 feet enabling high-density inventory storage and maximising warehouse space. Not only does automating the picking process increase warehouse throughput up to 5x, but it also increases average order accuracy for more on-time-in-full deliveries.

HSS: Supply chain disruptions have increased nearly 70% year over year, how can warehouse robotics help businesses prepare for the unexpected? 

RM: Few businesses have the resources to overhaul their entire fulfilment operation or build a fully automated warehouse, especially now. Logistics leaders need flexible, effective warehouse automation that complements their existing operations — and they need it yesterday. Leading retailers choose the Skypod System because it’s easy to deploy, maintain, change, and scale. Exotec supports a wide range of logistics use cases and the Skypod system is SKU structure agnostic. 

HSS: What misconceptions about warehouse automation persist throughout the broader industry? 

RM: Deploying warehouse automation doesn’t need to be a long, complicated, or taxing process. Exotec offers a clear alternative: elegant collaboration between human and robot workers that delivers sustainable warehouse productivity. The modular nature of the Skypod System allows us to deploy it in a matter of months, not years. 

HSS: What supply chain trends will emerge or continue in 2022?

RM: The volatility of global trade and supply chain disruptions will only increase. Meanwhile, eComm will continue to trend upward, and the warehouse labour shortage will intensify. Exotec robotics power resilient supply chains for the world’s largest brands.

For more information, visit lacconveyors.co.uk