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Slice of safety for Domino’s Pizza 

08 July 2021

LOADING BAY impact protection forms part of safety measures implemented at the pizza chain’s supply chain hub in Scotland.

The impact protection equipment from Brandsafe has been specified for Domino’s Pizza’s 26,424 sq ft catering facility at the Cambuslang Investment Park near Glasgow, where vehicles stock-up in a 24/7 operation before supplying to dozens of stores across the country.

Working on the specification side with architects SMR and TSL Projects, Brandsafe, which is also providing consultancy and project design support alongside an extensive aftersales package, has designed and supplied impact protection equipment to cater for the safer routing and parking of onsite vehicles and management of pedestrian traffic.

Among hundreds of items installed by the Milton Keynes-based firm’s service team across the four-acre site are robust Armco safety barriers featuring integrated fishtail safety ends, corners and post caps, trief containment kerb systems, and pedestrian safety handrails and gates.

Bollards, speed bumps and wheel stops, along with door protection goalpost systems and cycle and smoking shelters, have also been specified as part of measures to provide high standards of safety and impact protection.

The equipment is being manufactured at the company’s Milton Keynes site and sees close co-operation between product supplier and contractor teams as part of an extensive scope of work to provide added safety planning services and expertise.

Brandsafe UK strategic account manager Paul Roehricht, says: “As warehouses and logistics centres continue to ramp up their operations, protection of people and property is paramount. The installation at Domino’s Pizza supply chain hub shows how our products and systems can be integrated to provide a comprehensive impact safety solution for better, safer and more productive workplaces.”

For more information, visit www.brandsafeprotection.com