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Smart control for industrial doors

29 May 2020

Hörmann UK is continuing to support supply chain operators in minimising potential downtime, while simultaneously increasing productivity, through its SmartControl technology.

The innovative system is now available across all of Hörmann UK’s sectional doors, non-protruding up-and-over doors, sliding doors and its popular offering of high-speed doors manufactured since 2015.

SmartControl is an online portal that imbeds servicing into the daily operation of the door, providing technical door analysis that can be remotely accessed throughout the warehouse at all times. 

Supply chain operators can view important maintenance information such as error messages, updates on door cycles and an in-depth overview of the door’s overall performance. This enables individuals to oversee the maintenance of the product in real time, as any potential faults or wear of parts can be viewed instantly.   

The easy-to-use software also enables parts to be ordered and replaced before a breakdown occurs, significantly minimising any potential interruption in operations that may happen from a fault or damage due to misuse. 

As the part is already on site, it eliminates the period in which warehouse managers need to wait for a replacement part to be delivered, subsequently reducing costly periods of downtime.

Phil Clark, industrial service manager at Hörmann UK, said: “For many logistics businesses, the regular servicing and maintenance of machinery can potentially become a time-consuming process that minimises efficiency and restricts productivity for operators.

“This is why we launched our innovative SmartControl programme, which enables clients to take a proactive approach to the servicing of their doors, without impacting on their overall output and level of operations. It also ensures the safety and security of the site at all times, guaranteeing compliance with relevant regulations whilst successfully protecting operators.” 

The programme has also been designed to provide cost-savings by aiding a reduction in the frequency and duration of service and maintenance visits. This is due to the service engineers not having to physically visit the site as frequently to gain insight into the status of the doors, as all information can be viewed via the portal.