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Smart picking from KNAPP on show at IMHX

27 August 2019

Global warehouse automation provider, KNAPP, is showcasing its brand-new Pick-it-Easy Evo workstation at the show.

Exhibited for the first time in the UK, Pick-it-Easy Evo is designed with versatility and productivity in mind.

“We will have live demonstrations on the stand,” says Craig Rollason, managing director of KNAPP UK, “to show visitors how Pick-it-Easy Evo combines ergonomic design with intuitive operation to enable warehouse staff to work smart, not hard.”

A multitude of functions can be performed at the new workstation – from standard processes such as picking, decanting, consolidation and returns handling, to customer-specific operations. In addition, Pick-it-Easy Evo is designed to handle a broad range of goods and load carriers – containers, trays and cartons in various dimensions – with loads of up to 50 kg. 

“Developed to work in synergy with our OSR Shuttle Evo automated storage system,” explains Craig Rollason, “the Pick-it-Easy Evo can either have a traditional connection to the store through a pre-zone or it can be connected directly to the OSR Shuttle in order to save space.” 

Pick-it-Easy Evo has been designed to minimise the strain resulting from stretching, stooping and lifting. The new workstation also embodies KNAPP’s zero defect philosophy. “The LED displays and touch screens combine with our intuitive easyUse interface to ensure a simple, accurate and productive workplace experience,” says Craig Rollason. “The result is error-free, efficient processes and shorter training time required for new personnel.” Stand 20D128