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Smart tech for a safer warehouse

23 July 2019

Elokon, the developer and supplier of safety and assistance systems for industrial vehicles, forklifts, AGVs and cobots will be showing two of its flagship products at IMHX as well as unveiling new developments in its production pipeline.

These include intelligent wearables, with products all based on the use of smart technology to make the warehouse a safer working environment.

Visitors will be able to see Elokon’s safety system ELOprotect, the winner of an FLTA Safety Award. This ensures that forklifts operate at a safe distance from personnel in VNA warehouses to prevent accidents between trucks and pedestrians, as well as truck-on-truck collisions. Consisting of evaluation electronics, laser scanners and display and operating modules, it is automatically activated when a truck enters a narrow aisle and if a person, other forklifts or obstacles are detected it emits warnings and can bring the vehicle to a complete standstill. ELOprotect enables faster forklift operations for more productive handling cycles and allows the simultaneous use of more than one VNA truck in an aisle whilst adhering to the strictest safety guidelines.

Another award winning product on show is ELOshield, a UWB-based proximity detection system with flexibly configurable electronic protective zones around personnel and vehicles. Modules attached to the trucks and carried by personnel monitor their movements, detect their location and warn them if they get too close to each other. Various ELOshield versions are available such as a fixed site version which keeps a safe eye on accident-prone areas such as busy aisle intersections. A further option enables the creation of flexible speed zones which automatically limit the speed of trucks, in production areas for example.  

A further development is the ELOfleet4 forklift fleet management system, controlled by an app on a smartphone or tablet of the customer’s choice. “Using commercially available smartphones makes this fleet management system much easier and intuitive to operate,” said Elokon MD Alexander Glasmacher. 

All Elokon’s solutions are OEM independent and can be installed and also retrofitted on forklift trucks of any type, brand, age or drive type. Stand 6E214