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SnapBuddy launches for WMS configuration

18 September 2020

SnapFulfil has launched a digital adoption platform enabling its customers to ‘go configure’.

SnapBuddy is an integrated platform offering proactive, step-by-step guidance on how to perform key processes within the SnapFulfil WMS.

Through the use of smart tips, system tours and walkthroughs, users can learn and enhance their understanding of a range of WMS processes as they work on a live system without any significant downtime or loss of productivity.

The launch of SnapBuddy marks a further step towards enabling SnapFulfil customers to realise the full benefits of its rules-based configuration engine.

SnapFulfil COO Stefanie Rollins explains: “Ours is a truly modular solution. Every customer has access to its full functionality and with the correct training can learn how to switch functions on and off to keep pace with an ever changing environment.

“The global Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for businesses to react quickly and adapt to sudden market changes, with cost control absolutely key. The end result is that swift, self-configuration has never been more advantageous and timely.”

By enabling the customer to take charge of their independence earlier, SnapBuddy can support rapid scaling of warehouse processes, as well as quick succession of multiple warehouse rollouts, with minimal growth of the implementations and support teams.

SnapBuddy can be tailored to an individual user’s organisation, role and tasks, plus additional content and features will be added on a regular basis. A new certification programme is also being developed in conjunction with SnapBuddy.

Stefanie Rollins adds: “Expect the unexpected is now our commercial reality. This means that businesses simply cannot afford to waste time and money on hard-coded systems that will ultimately compromise their ability to develop agile and responsive solutions.”

For more information, visit www.snapfulfil.com