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Solve supply chain disruption issues

19 October 2021

AS HAS been highlighted in the news over recent days, the seismic impact of Coronavirus and Brexit is still being felt across global supply chains. Temporary storage solutions from Spaciotempo can solve supply chain disruption issues that result.

The persistent disruption of temporary trade restrictions, shortages of critical products and scarcity of labour operatives has caused continuous headaches for anyone involved in global supply chains and the knock-on impact continues to be felt by firms here in the UK.

If your business is affected, and you have an urgent requirement for additional space, Spaciotempo are at hand to provide versatile temporary and semi-permanent building solutions, to ensure stability in such uncertain times.

Following recent conversations with their customers, Spaciotempo were shocked to discover that the cost of off-site pallet storage has risen by as much as 1300% in recent years. And while these rates may still be affordable for some companies, the sharp price climb is forcing most businesses to source alternative means of storage.

That’s where Spaciotempo come in. If you have a requirement for short-term storage of goods, parts or equipment, they are at hand to supply a temporary building that is tailored to your exact needs. Even better, Spaciotempo offer flexible buying options that allow you to hire from as little as 3 months or purchase outright, dependent on your business scenario.

Give their knowledgeable experts a call to request a no-obligation site visit or check out the ‘Ready to Build’ feature on their website to submit your temporary building requirements to the team.

For more information, visit www.spaciotempo.co.uk

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