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Sort out the back end

12 April 2019

E-commerce customers are offered an 'omnichannel' user experience, but many online vendors do not enjoy a similar backend UX. Multiorders’ all-in-one automated solutions promise to counter this.

E-commerce customers undergo what is called an ‘omnichannel’ UX, meaning they are taken from item selection to purchase in an uninterrupted journey. Yet despite this smooth front-end experience, many online vendors are unable to enjoy the same back-end UX.

The biggest problem that many online SME vendors face is that there is a lack of all-in-one software on the market, which allows them to implement a fluid workflow process. As a result, many online vendors still rely on human employees who are more likely to make mistakes over an automated process. 

This can lead to running out of stock, which carries reputational risk. 

A recently launched solution for online vendors is Multiorders. Its solution includes automated shipping management, meaning that it removes a human employee's need to manually update customers' addresses and payment details. Similarly, an automated system means that when stock levels fall below a certain level an order is automatically sent out to the supplier and updated - this once again saves the business time and allows it to grow.

The CEO and co-founder of Multiorders, Mantas Bacevičius, believes that his company’s time-saving model will become gradually adopted by online vendors during the coming years.

"We have noticed that many SME online retailers require time-saving models to develop their business, which is what we aimed to do during the creation and development of Multiorders. We aim to help SMEs working in the e-commerce sector implement fluid workflow processes by reducing staff errors and saving time. This, we believe, will help them expand during their next phase of growth."