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Sorter for B2B and B2C activities

14 May 2021

BR MAGAZACILIK handles operations for various fashion brands, with throughput of 25,000 products per day in its 21,000 sq m facility in Turkey.

To efficiently supply these products to their stores and ship their e-commerce orders, they purchased an LR-sorter from Equinox MHE. This will be used as an outbound sorter and will sort 6,000 items per hour.

By using the sorter for retail operations it offers a more efficient way to distribute items to more than 200 stores. However, it took e-commerce orders into account as well. It will use a small number of sort destinations for the handling of e-commerce orders. These orders will be sorted in totes. These totes will then be sorted to order manually by operators. By handling store distribution and e-commerce orders on the same sorter it saves a lot of time on picking and sorting.”

The LR-sorter is capable of handling small and lightweight items as well as larger plastic wrapped items. The latter often form a challenge in sorting, as the wrapping could stick to the surface or get caught in machinery. Items were tested extensively to review accuracy.

The LR-sorter is also known for its modular design which allows quick installation and easy expansion.

For more information, visit www.equinoxmhe.com