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Space saving and efficient order picking for Siemens Mobility

24 June 2021

Swisslog has won an order to deliver an innovative storage and order picking system for Siemens Mobility AG.

The company, which is active in the areas of rail vehicles and rail automation solutions, will move into its new materials and spare parts warehouse in Wallisellen, Zurich in the coming months.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce Siemens Mobility AG has entrusted Swisslog to install an innovative AutoStore storage and picking system for small parts. With our agile local realisation and service teams, we can implement the system for Siemens very quickly and efficiently,” says Swisslog CEO Dr. Christian Baur. With over 270 AutoStore projects worldwide, Swisslog is the leading provider of this solution. In Switzerland alone, there are over 30 Swisslog installations.

The main components of the automated logistics solution in Zurich are:

  • AutoStore storage system with 10,000 bins and 4 robots. Installed in the basement for optimal space utilisation.
  • Ergonomic picking stations on the first floor with plenty of daylight for the employees. 
  • Tote conveyor technology in the basement, first floor and connecting tote lift
  • Swisslog software SynQ, which controls the entire automated solution.

“Thanks to the new solution, we can ideally supply our service locations from the Wallisellen area, require less storage space and increase efficiency. By separating the warehouse in the basement and the pick station on the first floor, we enable our employees to work in daylight, which is of course very important for their working comfort,” says Gerd Scheller, CEO of Siemens Mobility AG. “The project is progressing very well, and we are confident that we will be able to ramp up to full capacity this year.”

Siemens is relying on Swisslog's proven SynQ standard software for its new warehouse system, which enables rapid project implementation. This modular, future-oriented WMS for optimised warehouse processes allows further automated systems such as conveyor technology or container lifts to be easily integrated. In addition, the software offers pick-by-light support for item picking.

For more information, visit www.swisslog.com