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Spaciotempo installs industrial loading canopy at McCarthy Haulage

08 July 2021

FROM GENERAL haulage to warehousing, McCarthy Group deliver a variety of cost-effective logistics and transport solutions, with operations encompassing haulage, storage and distribution.

The logistics firm approached Spaciotempo with a need to find a sheltered solution with sufficient height to cover double-deck trailers during loading operations. Spaciotempo recently installed a similar giant canopy on behalf of Farrell Transport, so the requirement for McCarthy fell right within their wheelhouse.

Spaciotempo installed an industrial loading canopy, which provided ample height for multiple double-deck trailers to be loaded or unloaded at any one time.

The structure is considered a link building as it is sited immediately adjacent to an existing warehouse. This easy access allows forklift trucks to move seamlessly in between the warehouse and canopy, minimising exposure to the elements and thus protecting inbound and outbound goods that pass through this part of the supply chain.

As the site sloped, Spaciotempo had to bespoke design supporting uprights to ensure the structure ran perpendicular. With legs higher on one side, this also meant site-specific calculations were needed, to guarantee the canopy was structurally sound and compliant with safe and best practices.

Measuring a sizeable 30m x 20m x 6.5-6.9m, Spaciotempo completed this installation in just 9 days, enabling McCarthy Group to quickly level-up their distribution game by cementing their status as a quality focused organisation, that keeps good on its promise of providing service driven logistics.

If you have a requirement for additional capacity to ensure business continuity or sheltered space to enhance distribution operations, contact Spaciotempo on 01889 569 569.

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