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Stable and secure trucks

04 October 2019

With the new KBD and KBG series, Baoli offers trucks equipped with powerful lifting capacities that support safe performance.

Safety in material handling should not be neglected. According to an American research conducted by the Occupation Safety and Health Association (OSHA) around 100,000 accidents involving forklift trucks occur every year in the USA, 35,000 of which are very serious. As much as 70% of these could be avoided by paying more attention to the loading of materials.

It is precisely to meet the principles of stability and security that Baoli, a manufacturer of lift trucks and warehouse equipment that operates in more than 80 countries around the world, proposes lifting capacities in line with the best players in the market with its new KBD and KBG series of forklifts. For example, with the KBD30 Diesel truck it is possible to lift 3000kg up to 5.5 metres in full safety.

“The stability and reliability of our trucks are fundamental principles of our work,” explains Francesco Pampuri, marketing manager of Baoli EMEA. “Forklift trucks guarantee their nominal capacity in the basic configuration: as one diverges from the latter, the maximum lifting load must decrease in order to maintain the machine’s stability unchanged during handling. Our new diesel and LPG forklift series are able to guarantee high capacities even when diverging from the basic configuration.”