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Getting the chemistry right

13 April 2020

A double girder overhead traveling crane is deployed to a demanding industrial application.

The Marl Chemical Park is one of the largest chemical sites in Germany. The huge complex covers an area of ​​more than six sq km. The crane system at the hazardous waste incineration part of the site needed renewal and the challenge was to find a solution that could fit seamlessly into the existing building.

Scheffer Krantechnik has been a certified partner of Stahl CraneSystems for five years, and Marl Chemical Park has been a customer of Stahl for decades. 

The new crane has been in operation since April 2019: the double girder overhead traveling crane with a load capacity of 6.3t and a span of 14m is designed for gripper operation and has walkways along the crane bridge, including a fully walk-on double-rail travel carriage. An SHW8 winch is used as rail travel carriage. A newly installed WCS position encoder of the latest generation along the crane runway and crane bridge is used for exact position detection for the site PLC.

All power, control and data lines of the external control system were also renewed via an elaborate festoon cable system. With its own fundamental research and development, Stahl has built up a wealth of experience that gives it a significant lead over competitors and protects against injury to people, damage to property and harm to the environment.