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Steel Span key appointment

29 October 2020

TENSILE FABRIC STRUCTURE specialist Steel Span has appointed David Duxbury as UK sales manager.

With over 16 years industry experience and a technical background in construction, David will be an integral part of the Steel Span team, responsible for business development and project management for the brand.

David Duxbury UK sales manager at Steel Span says: “It’s an exciting time to be joining Steel Span. Particularly in these turbulent times, being able to provide an accessible, practical and high-quality solution can make a real difference to UK companies, so it’s great to be part of that. Our structures support operational reactivity and agility, and as we head into winter, we’ll be working hard to keep businesses on track in the short and long term. Steel Span is a fresh, upcoming brand backed by the expertise of an established operational team, with all the credentials and core values to deliver superb value and all-round customer care. I’m delighted to contribute in bringing this versatile offering to market and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

For more information, visit www.steel-span.co.uk