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ILG specifies storage system for multi-tier fulfilment

04 February 2021

Outsourced fulfilment firm International Logistics Group (ILG), part of Yusen Logistics UK, has used the Whittan Group to fit out a warehouse near Gatwick. 

ILG IS a specialist in outsourced order fulfilment, providing warehousing, rework and packaging services to brands in the fashion, beauty and wellbeing sectors. 

ILG was looking to lease a new warehouse near Gatwick. The warehouse would serve as an outsourced fulfilment centre for sensitive high-end fashion and beauty products being delivered to large retailers and direct consumers around the world. 

The operation requires pristine facilities with efficient robust systems and meticulous quality control. This included the planning of storage solutions that would fit in seamlessly with 50 packing workstations. The instructions required a multi-product pallet and shelving installation with pallet racking, Carton Live, Euro shelving, Stockrax benches and mezzanine and hydraulic goods lift with a 10-metre minimum clear height.  

Whittan Group was given access to the 48,000 square foot warehouse, finished to BREEAM 'Excellent’, and completed the installation within nine weeks. This involved a narrow aisle pallet racking system offering 2,627 mixed positions of both Chep and Euro Pallets across 141 bays; 3,744 linear metres of carton live storage; racking fitted with end and upright protectors, and two-tier fire-rated mezzanine delivering 1,764 square metres of additional floor space. The mezzanine was serviced by goods lifts and pallet gates. The finished installation also featured 602 bays of Euro Shelving, providing 27,090 linear meters of storage. 

Stewart Adams, sales director of pallet racking systems, says: “When we completed the installation, we left behind an efficient, tailored, integrated storage solution comprising pallet racking, shelving, tiered-structures and mezzanine floors which were combined with the packing and fulfilment systems. The layout and scale meant that our team formed part of the overall project team. We worked in unison in a well-orchestrated process and the whole operation was delivered on time and within budget.”

For ILG, this achieved all their project goals.

ILG MD Mike Stephenson says: “We provide outsourced fulfilment logistics support and management across several industry sectors including high-end fashion and beauty. This includes handling all inbound deliveries to our warehouse, fulfilling wholesale orders and tens of thousands of daily consumer orders for same day dispatch. It was vital that our storage solutions and picking routines would deliver from day one. Our experience with the Whittan Group has shown us that this is possible when we work with a UK quality manufacturing brand, allowing us to focus on delivering our logistics support and management.”

For Stewart’s team, this was another project delivered to the Whittan standard. He adds: “We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that meet the demand for rigorous and effective storage management for all types of industries. In this case, it was a complex solution using our industry-leading branded products. We have full confidence in the excellent quality of our UK-based manufacturing which is matched only by our commitment to providing comprehensive support.”

For more information, visit www.whittan.com