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Streamline import processes

17 May 2021

DUE TO changes in import processes, postal operators are becoming increasingly dependent on data they receive from shipments sent by foreign postal services.

But what if they haven't received any data at all, or if the data is incomplete? For example, a house number is missing, or no information is available about the contents of the shipment. One could then continue to enter all the data manually, as is done now, but with the tens of thousands of items expected every day, that is not a good outlook.

To address these challenges, PostNL Cross Border Solutions (CBS) has implemented Prime Vision's International Label Reader (ILR) for shipments with missing data. This solution provides semi-automated data entry of all necessary customs data for mail items that have not been digitally pre-registered.

The ILR solution contributes to the digital transformation of import mail processing with which PostNL is ready for ICS2. In addition, as of July 1st of this year, the VAT exemption rate will no longer apply and all mail items from outside the EU must be declared. Electronic processing will play a major role in this, processes will be increasingly data-driven and based on the available digital data of shipments.

Before July 1st PostNL CBS will expand the ILR capacity so that their shipments can continue to be processed on time.

For more information, visit www.primevision.com