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Survey sees automation as business critical

11 April 2022

AN INDUSTRY survey from Guidance Automation found 73% of those surveyed believed automation to be business critical moving forward.

Guidance Automation CEO Paul Rivers says: “Automation is beginning to reach the boardroom table, reaching the C-suite who are now embracing automation having realised its potential for driving their business forward.

“The worker shortage we are currently enduring will be here for a while yet, with many industry critics believing it will actually get worse before it improves. Service-led roles and manual roles including warehouse jobs will be harder to fill due to their physically intensive nature and lower wage, therefore more and more companies will invest in automation to address this.”

Paul continues: “We are undoubtedly entering a new era, one that is irreversible - we are set on a path of automation to not only protect ourselves from continued adversity but because it makes sound business sense for the future.

“There are still many hurdles ahead but if we can negotiate these, businesses can be confident they can endure another pandemic with structure and defence.”

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