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Sustainable cool packs

06 January 2022

RANPAK HAS acquired Recycold Cool Solutions BV, a manufacturer of sustainable cool packs. Unlike typical cool packs, Recycold Cool Packs are made from a drain safe, plant-based gel and the addition expands the diversity of Ranpak’s cold chain packaging solutions. 

Ranpak chairman and chief executive officer Omar Asali, says: “We have received great feedback from customers about Recycold Cool Packs. Ranpak will be scaling up Recycold’s business. Recycold products are already sold in 14 European countries and we look forward to leading further worldwide expansions in the future. Ranpak will also be integrating Recycold’s innovative manufacturing operations into the new Ranpak Netherlands facility, expected to open by the end of 2022.”

Ranpak has been active in the cold chain field for several years with its WrapPak Protector thermal liner. The paper pads trap air and prevent heat conduction, creating an exceptional insulator for cold chain applications. Ranpak recommends the use of Recycold Cool Packs as the most sustainable option in the market to keep products cold up to 48 hours.

Ranpak and Recycold customers will now be able to order the entire solution from a single source and benefit from:

Easy integration: Packers position WrapPak paper pads easily in the box before adding the Recycold cool packs, a complete process that is easy to optimise into almost any existing packing operation.

Unmatched unboxing experience: Ranpak cold chain thermal liners with Recycold Cool Packs offer a superior unboxing experience, minimising or eliminating the need for plastic packaging for a more sustainable approach. 

Cost and sustainability gains: No costly return shipment and handling of conventional cooling systems with the use of these sustainable products. 

For more information, visit www.ranpak.com