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Swisslog cements number one slot

19 November 2018

Swisslog has now sold more than 130 AutoStore projects worldwide, making the company the number one AutoStore integrator.

AutoStore is a space saving automated storage and retrieval system that can be flexibly scaled up.

CEO of Swisslog Logistics Automation, Dr, Chris Baur, said: “I am proud we have such a strong relationship with AutoStore, and have the freedom to develop our own solutions to increase efficiency for our customers even further. We believe that AutoStore provides exceptional customer value, and we are looking forward to continuing to deliver exciting automated projects based on this scalable, modular solution.”

The global explosion in the growth of e-commerce has led to increased demand for more scalable, modular solutions to meet rapidly changing customer demands.

Swisslog was one of the first AutoStore integrators, with the partnership beginning in 2009 and has gained invaluable experience in designing, developing and implementing the system. In fact, Swisslog has implemented both the world’s largest AutoStore system with 361,000 storage bins and the world’s smallest, with only 1,000 bins.

With the development of flexible software solutions, Swisslog can offer AutoStore customers the intelligent tools to prepare their warehouse for future challenges. Developments like this are allowing new design capabilities for AutoStore, improving the efficiency of the concept even further, building on the vision of demand-driven, self-learning warehouses.