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Technical wholesaler triples picking speeds for 24/7 delivery

08 August 2019

Wildkamp is a technical wholesaler delivering hardware to retail outlets and to customers direct. Goods are delivered to 50 of their own stores, customers, as well as delivering direct to building sites. Due to growth more space and accuracy was required and an LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module solution from Kardex Remstar was the answer to these needs.

In their distribution centre they stock approximately 100.000 different products for industry sectors like building, agriculture and installation. Availability and delivery speeds was the main driver of change for the company. With goods being delivered 24/7, it was essential that order processing was achieved in the shortest amount of time. Wilkamp also had to deal with an increase in the number of orders required and this demand meant that picking speeds had to be increased as well as space for stock. They either needed to move to a larger warehouse or make more efficient use of the available space. 

They also recognised that an increase in operations staff might be on the cards as their workforce had long travel times going down the isles by man-up forklifts or walking. Therefore, they looked for a solution that combined saving space, shorter travel times, less personnel, faster order picking and a connection to their new ERP system.

After intensive consultations the most efficient solution chosen was the installation of 6 LR 35 Vertical Buffer Modules. The mezzanine floor at Wildkamp was cut out to fit the 6 eleven meters high units, utilising the height of their warehouse to the maximum. Every unit had its own turntable and LED pointer, all controlled via Power Pick Global software, enabling continuous batching and storage preparation. The solution also came with ‘Put Frames’, that are designed to facilitate working with order picking trolleys that were installed opposite the LR 35 units. 

Utilising Kardex’ Power Pick Global software and the display tool picking solution is done using a pick and put-to-light functionality, pictures of actual stock and exact location information. Put-to-light, barcode scanning and colour identification of exact bin locations in the put Frame guarantee correct and fast handling. Picking speed was almost tripled. Stock from various storage locations were relocated to the LR 35 units, reducing travel times drastically. The number of operators was cut down to 1-2 persons at regular times, with up to 3 people at peak times. Click here to learn more about LR35 or contact Kardex Info.remstar.uk@kardex.com