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Telematics improve manufacturing safety

28 February 2021

POWERFLEET HAS been selected by Nucor Tubular Products to improve safety, compliance, and utilisation by using PowerFleet’s telematics solutions.

Nucor Tubular Products has employed PowerFleet to enhance the safety of all warehousing operations at its facilities. After a rigorous pilot program, Nucor chose to deploy the PowerFleet Enterprise telematics solution across all lift-truck equipment and instrument cranes at a second location in Q4 2020 and the remaining six of its tubular products facilities during the first half of 2021.

PowerFleet also aims to improve material handling productivity, reduce costs, and ensure equipment is in the proper place at the right time. Its products also provide improved safety while maintaining strict compliance and reducing slowdown friction lost in manual check-ins.

In addition to the PowerFleet Enterprise solution, Nucor Tubular Products will also deploy PowerFleet Forewarner MAXI Crane Safety lights and CP4 Forklift Camera solutions to increase visibility, safety and guarantee accurate records of equipment use in real-time.

Nucor VP & general manager Nathan Fraser explains: “Steel manufacturing by nature has incredibly unique and extensive requirements to ensure that we have enhanced safety protocols and procedures available for our team. 

“To help meet our mission of becoming the World’s Safest Steel Company, we’ve brought on a technology partner at the edge of innovation and performance to further ensure the safety of all our Nucor Tubular Products teammates.

“PowerFleet’s ability to automatically send critical safety and equipment information into our business management system will allow us to be more responsive, efficient, and ultimately safer as a team.”

For more information, visit www.powerfleet.com