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Test and experience leading ASRS at IMHX

12 September 2019

Kardex is pulling out all the stops this year at IMHX and giving all visitors the chance to experience the reality of the latest innovations in automated picking and storage.

Visitors will have the option to test drive any of its top 3 solutions: Shuttle XP Vertical lift, the MegaMat RS Vertical carousel, and the new LR35 Framepick 4 wholesale, which is making its debut at IMHX. 

Kardex has developed solutions which target the heart of the production process with increased material flow providing flexible, precise and efficient solutions. Faster access to parts and maintaining processing time at the machines, storing semi-finished and finished products for increased accuracy and speed are all key in maximising delivery times.

For a growing number of companies – whether B2B or B2C market focused – there are bottlenecks in traditional fulfillment operations. There simply isn’t enough time for an order picker to take a trolley up and down past endless rows of racking so that the products can be picked, packed and dispatched quickly enough. What these warehouses need is an efficient, dynamic and flexible system for fast order fulfillment. 

New to IMHX is the FramePick4Wholesale - an efficient goods-to-person solution that enables wholesale companies to reduce the distances walked in their warehouses by as much as 65%. The combination of smart and intuitive technologies virtually eliminates picking errors, plus intelligent order batching enables a fourfold increase in the productivity of order pickers – and all without having to install a complex system of rigid conveyors or investing in other costly material handling equipment. 

As a domain expert in their area of the market, Kardex Remstar tailors all of its solutions to the customer’s needs to match the latest demands in industry. 

Sales director Tom Findlay says: “Kardex Remstar provides a truly consultative approach for our customers. We are not just product providers, more specialists, providing answers to stock management and process flow challenges across just about every industry sector.” 

Kardex systems typically offer huge space saving, but also significant efficiency gains by reducing fulfilment and storage costs, whether implemented as stand-alone units or integrated within a wider platform and connected to the client’s ERP/MRP or warehouse management systems. Stand 19H60