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The best of both worlds

13 November 2020

We have both physical and virtual events planned for 2021, to give attendees with broad preferences every opportunity to learn and improve their warehouse operations in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Sponsors can optimise reach of message by getting involved in both face-to-face and digital offerings, after all buyers will have different preferences and schedules with regards to taking time away from their place of work.

Looking at face-to-face first, Tomorrow’s Warehouse is a new event planned for 9 June 2021 at the spacious yet intimate setting of the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. It is designed for operations professionals who see the waves of the future building, to give them a space to learn from each other, and from expert speakers.

Handling & Storage Solutions has launched the one day event following three influential reader survey-led Special Reports, to further explore the key issues that will challenge the warehouse of tomorrow.

We asked our readers how they anticipated trends changing in the future and the results from the surveys, completed in July 2018,  May 2019 and July 2020 make fascinating reading.

These findings detail the concerns of logistics professionals as they face the future in an exciting, dynamic and fast-changing industry. It was astounding how many respondents face similar challenges such as restricted warehouse space, and how many are exploring new technology, such as robotics and automation as well as advanced forklift technologies such as lithium based batteries, which are breaking rapidly through to the mainstream.

At the one-day event, our survey findings will form the basis of our panel-led discussions and presentations throughout the day. Each session will look at key topics of interest.

These will help attendees get a handle on warehouse transformation. We were already in a time of unprecedented logistics transformation thanks to eCommerce. Now the coronavirus pandemic has made revitalising warehousing and logistics essential.

Attend Tomorrow’s Warehouse to gain practical, actionable insights that will help you make sure operations are a match for changing commercial realities.

In response to the pandemic and the rise of eCommerce, managers in charge of warehouse and logistics operations are facing a myriad of challenges and pressure for change. But change doesn’t always mean re-inventing the wheel. The Event will pull experts together to share experience and best practice and give attendees takeaways that have real practical benefits.

The Ricoh Arena is spacious yet intimate, with front of house parking for those who value face-to-face interaction and the draw of a knowledgeable discussion panel.

The Event presents an opportunity to engage with Warehouse, Logistics, Distribution, Operations, Production & Facilities Managers & Directors, together with Buyers and Health & Safety professionals looking to make informed decisions for their logistical processes.

Packed with opportunities

The Event will run from 9am-4.30pm, with 4 scheduled content-packed sessions, frequent coffee breaks and a free of charge lunch for attendees and exhibitors alike, to maximise Networking opportunities.

There will be allocation for up to 30 Exhibitors, this will be “table top” format, with participating companies having the opportunity to engage with attendees from floor space allowing for; a pop up visual, table and couple of chairs. The Cost for this will be just £995 + vat.

We are delighted to have a number of sponsors signed up already, with Swisslog confirmed as headline sponsor. We are also very pleased to have TGW and Combilift signed up as sponsors.

There is a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for those wishing to align their company with this topic + event. 

All will benefit from pre and post Event marketing exposure as well as from LIVE event coverage to attendees via our print, online & social media channels. Packages will also include speaker opportunities.

For more information, contact Angela Lyus on 01342 836275 / 07818574304 / alyus@western-bp.co.uk

On the virtual side

In 2021, we will build on our HSS Live! webinar brand. 

The digital offering is aimed at buyers who might be more limited when comes to out of office time. But let’s face it, their challenges will not have gone away, and they will be as hungry for solutions as before. What’s more, the virtual event opens up the discussion to international attendees.

They can engage remotely with HSS Live! They can get the info they need to boost their warehouse operations, and what is more they can acquire CPD credits, live chat with sponsors, and catch up with content on demand throughout the year.

HSS Live! launched on December 1, 2020 with a series of webinars with a great roster of speakers, hitting some major content hot spots, such as robotics, warehouse space optimisation, warehouse IT and property trends.

The HSS Live! webinar brand will be extended for 2021.

On 6 October 2021, we will offer a live virtual conference, with content available On Demand for 12 months after the day it goes live. 

• All delegates get CPD points for attending. 

• It will feature PowerPoint presentations with a web cam live on the speaker + the host (H&SS editor Simon Duddy).

• Excitingly, the platform offers a networking area on the day for delegates to DM or video call each other. They can also arrange video call meetings through the system with any of the sponsors for any time during the year the platform is active.

• Once the live event day passes, the Agenda page will change to allow delegates to watch each individual session on demand at their own leisure.

The conference will feature 4 hours plus of top speakers to be arranged by our editorial team. Seminars will run circa 10am-3pm.

It’s free to attend for delegates.

There’s some fantastic packages available for sponsors. The area will offer profiles, with a logo of every sponsor. When visitors click on the logo, they get access to a static page that displays the sponsor’s company Information. The sponsor uploads key info which includes:

  • Large image at top - Similar to the image on the timeline at the top of a Facebook profile
  • Videos
  • Brochures/white papers etc
  • Contact info and company profile
  • Live chat option on the day for delegates to talk direct to sponsors and act as a direct message function for up to 1 year after.
  • Lastly, speaker slots are available to premium sponsors.

The two approaches - both live and digital - will optimise access to key buyers and influencers in the market, of all ages and preferences, at a time when the need for change is at the forefront of our minds.

For more information on sponsor packages for all events, contact Angela Lyus on 01342 836275 / 07818574304 / alyus@western-bp.co.uk