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The need for automated sortation

04 May 2021

Smart and scalable sorters provide flexibility and boost efficiency for omni-channel retailers.

Increasing number of orders, order lines and number of products are making the picking process more complex. This issue is particularly important to companies who have had to quickly adapt to online due to the pandemic.

Automated Sortation is a great way to shorten lead times, reduce handling costs and eliminate picking errors. With close to 20 years of experience, DistriSort is the specialist in delivering turnkey sorter solutions.

Many companies are experiencing a peak in e-commerce at the moment, while their retail channels have slowed down. This sudden change requires a smart and scalable sortation solution. Those who have already built in flexibility in their logistical processes are now seeing a huge benefit, because they can quickly change their process without additional costs.

DistriSort have already completed many projects for customers who use so-called hybrid systems; allowing both retail and e-commerce sortation to go over one sorter. Not only is automated sortation great for outbound flows, but also for inbound and returns. The latter is also expected to grow due to the quick adaptation of online shopping.

Is automated sortation expensive?
Automated sortation can already have a return on investment with volumes of fifteen to twenty thousand items per day. The solutions that DistriSort offer focus on small, single items and packages ranging from 0.5kg to 21kg. Depending on the process, DistriSort reviews which solution fits our customers best and we calculate an ROI that is usually between 2-4 years. This ROI is also something we stand behind and we will take responsibility together with our customers to achieve this. 

Want to find out more about automated sortation or the solutions that DistriSort offers? We would be happy to calculate an ROI for you business.

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