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Thorough Examinations provider launches

01 March 2021

Qualitas Asset Compliance has launched as an independent provider of Thorough Examinations.

It specialises in the provision of Thorough Examinations (LOLER & PUWER) for industrial and commercial companies.

Qualitas is part of asset management and engineering services specialist Briggs Equipment. Operating independently within the Briggs Group, but with standards, goals and values that are aligned and integrated with the wider corporate culture, provides an aligned approach to all aspects of thorough inspections and examinations. This will result in key benefits for new and existing customers, including access over time to a wider range of inspection, examination and calibration services and a more robust process for detecting, reporting and resolving issues. The scope and scale of Qualitas is only expected to grow, develop and diversify over time.

Briggs Equipment group engineering services director Gavin Wickham says: “The launch of Qualitas Asset Compliance, coupled with our excellent working relationship with Allianz, not only enables us to provide a more well-rounded service to our customers and the wider Briggs Group but it also reaffirms our reputation as the leading asset management specialist.

“We’ve made sure that our recruitment process was extremely thorough and the new specialists we’ve brought into the Qualitas team all possess significant materials handling maintenance and inspection experience.”

For more information, visit www.briggsequipment.co.uk