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SynQ manages robots for Toyota

12 July 2021

SWISSLOG'S MOBILE robotic solution will provide Toyota with flexibility and efficiency to manage spare parts fulfillment.

Swisslog, leading provider of best-in-class warehouse automation and software, has announced that Toyota Motor North America will install a goods-to-person automation system that features Swisslog’s CarryPick storage and order picking system in its Hebron, Kentucky, facility to increase flexibility and efficiency, and enable continued growth to keep up with demand in the automotive spare parts market.

Designed by Swisslog’s automation experts, the goods to person automation system will automate Toyota’s spare parts fulfillment process. Toyota needed a future-proof automation solution that would speed up its entire operation and provide flexibility for continued growth, while also utilising the current facility with its restrictions on ceiling height and space. The flexibility and modularity of the CarryPick solution will allow the company to meet its needs without any constructional changes to the building.

Made up of just four components – robots, mobile racks, SynQ warehouse management software and pick stations – CarryPick perfectly fits into existing buildings and can be extended or even relocated on short notice. The robotic goods-to-person solution’s standard mobile racks can be customised for different sized and shaped items. This is especially suitable for businesses that have large variations in product size or need the flexibility to accommodate frequent changes in product sizes or volumes. Swisslog’s SynQ management software will orchestrate the order and inventory process while optimising the automated flow of the equipment to secure highest efficiency and accuracy of the operation. The system is expected to be operational in March 2022.

“Swisslog is excited to work with Toyota to bring flexibility and efficiency to its spare parts fulfillment process,” said Markus Schmidt, president of Swisslog Americas. “Swisslog’s CarryPick allows the company to quickly and easily deploy a flexible and modular approach to supply chain automation that will help the company overcome the daily challenges of product variability, managed growth and the demands of a constantly evolving and rapidly expanding market.”

For more information, visit www.swisslog.com