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Training academy and showroom set up

28 May 2019

Based at Hörmann UK's HQ in Coalville, Leicester, the facility offers comprehensive training.

Offering a diverse range of training for all products across its domestic and industrial portfolios, the training is supported by its new showroom, which houses its latest innovations and variations across both industry sectors. 

With a range of seminars available, the Basic Sales and Product Training is designed to give the attendees confidence in every aspect of Hörmann, providing an introduction into all aspects of the industrial and domestic products ranges. These sessions are specifically designed for Hörmann partners and their employees who wish to receive training on their knowledge of the doors and operators range. The seminar also provides an overview of installation requirements, along with in depth explanations of each door’s features, benefits and key selling points.

The Industrial Training provides professionals with all the necessary information they require to install Hörmann UK’s leading range of High Speed Curtain Doors, High Speed Sectional Doors, Sectional Doors and Roller Shutters. It is also supported by additional training on the servicing, maintenance and fault finding of the above products, along with Hörmann UK’s robust Dock Levellers.