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Transform your WMS

07 June 2021

Could your aging warehouse management system (WMS) be costing you in lost business, profits and customer confidence?

Its batch orders are too slow for the volume and velocity of today’s relentless e-commerce demands. It’s the reason your training times drag on and your operations are bloated with wasteful errors and wasted efforts.

Every day, the new on-demand economy means increased order volumes — and shorter fulfilment times. To address these demands, you need to increase productivity. If your current WMS system doesn’t support the new technologies and other business intelligence that could help yet upgrading to a new system is too costly then it puts your current operations at risk. Now, there’s a brilliant way to modernise your existing WMS to turbocharge warehouse productivity, no modifications required FulfillmentEdge, a WMS add on that enhances your system with minimum disruption.

Pick 24% more orders with dynamic workflows
Replace linear processes with dynamic work orders that factor in a worker’s location, all possible tasks that can be performed in that location and the priority of incoming orders. Instead of picking one order at a time, workers can pick multiple orders, and put-away newly received shipments and returned items — all on a single trip through the warehouse.

Reduce training and on boarding time and and cost by 90%
Your current WMS system requires you to utilise Terminal Emulation (TE), and it’s outdated ‘green-screen’ interface. But FulfillmentEdge unlocks the capabilities of Zebra’s Android mobile devices, allowing you to create intuitive Android interfaces and simple user experiences that practically eliminate training and onboarding time and cost.

Integrate any technologies and any data source
You can utilise any information in any application that can help streamline processes — such as the location of workers, inventory and other warehouse assets you may be collecting via WiFi and RFID. You can also utilise all the technologies integrated into your Android devices, as well as cutting-edge technologies, like head-mounted displays.

Continually improve workflows and productivity with real-time analytics
Your WMS system provides information on how any specific worker is performing against defined metrics — but can’t explain why. With FulfillmentEdge, you get real-time visibility into how each worker interacts with their Zebra mobile device — and how that interaction impacts productivity. This information enables the identification of process issues and the workflow adjustments that can address them.
FulfillmentEdge allows you to reconfigure your legacy WMS allowing greater visibility & flexibility, what happens when you give your legacy WMS a FulfillmentEdge? It has the real-time intelligence and visibility to know your workers’ real-time location, shorten their picking routes and modernise their devices’ interfaces. It sees who’s closest to each item, and automatically puts easy-to-grasp instructions at their fingertips and line of sight, making the most of every workers’ every move.

For further information on FulfillmentEdge contact Bar Code Data:
03333 660 842

You can see a video on FulfillmentEdge here - https://youtu.be/VN0UIjobYc0