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Tried and tested option for fresh produce supplier

11 November 2020

UNION INDUSTRIES has completed the supply and installation of three of its rugged Bulldoor rapid action roller doors at RBOrganic in Peterborough.

The Leeds-based company manufactured, supplied and installed the doors for the facility, which handles tonnes of high-quality fresh produce every week including speciality potatoes and roots such as carrots and parsnips, all which are farmed locally.

The new Bulldoors will replace existing doors in the Peterborough distribution facility that were outdated, damaged, and proving increasingly difficult to repair.

Known as the ‘reliable workhorse’ of rapid roll doors, the Bulldoors were chosen for their robustness and reliability. Although widely used in many different applications throughout all industry types, it is especially recognised in retail distribution for extremely high traffic use openings between chilled and ambient environments.

All three of the Bulldoors, which are designed for both internal and external use, will serve to protect from extreme weather conditions including potential storm damage to the exterior of the building. One of the doors in particular will provide access for FLT traffic through the chilled loading dock areas to packaging and distribution areas, where the volume traffic is high, moving produce in preparation for shipment to supermarket chains and distributors.

RBOrganic head of organic operations Tanya Leonard says: “Having seen an uplift in business over recent months it was essential that we invested in a product that would prove reliable and of high quality. The Bulldoor is a tried and tested product and working with Union Industries and its commitment to quality meant that its engineers delivered and installed the three doors in line with our own high standards.”

Union Industries technical sales engineer Rob Howe adds: “The installation of three Bulldoors at RBOrganic has given us the opportunity to demonstrate both the robust quality of our high speed industrial doors, as well as the exceptional levels of service we offer to our customers before, during and after installation.

“The Bulldoor is one of our best-selling rapid roll doors and has been developed over the years to become the reliable workhorse that it is today. It was the perfect choice for RBOrganic and will provide the required protection between differing environments. Some of these doors do well in excess of 1.4 million cycles each year, so we are confident that these doors will be in place for quite some time to come.”

For more information, visit www.unionindustries.co.uk