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Triple digit growth

12 August 2021

DHL SUPPLY Chain has grown its fulfilment business by 150% in eight months, following soaring demand in e-Commerce.

The growth has come from new customers requiring dedicated e-Commerce fulfilment operations, as well as an increasing number of small and mid-size businesses accessing DHL’s shared fulfilment solution.

The shared network includes a strategically located e-Commerce facility providing storage, pick, pack and carrier management to facilitate direct-to-consumer shipping. This service is designed to give small to mid-size businesses their own channel to market and the opportunity to scale up.

DHK customer U-Earth created the U-Mask and saw demand rise post pandemic.

U-Mask digital operations manager Filippo Pietrantonio, said: “e-Commerce has been a lifeline for businesses through the periods of lockdown but it’s also shone a light on the long-term opportunities for small and mid-size businesses to market beyond the boundaries of offline sales. With our shared fulfilment operation, growing businesses have the opportunity to access a level of service that was historically the preserve of big online retailers and marketplaces. Now they are able to compete on speed and quality of service without investing in a dedicated network.”

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