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Try before you buy offer

28 January 2021

RENOVOTEC IS introducing a two-month ‘try before you buy’ offer for eCommerce and other operations with demanding picking and sorting processes.

The deal applies to the purchase or rent the new hands-free wearable Zebra WT6300 computer. The Zebra WT6300 succeeds the WT6000 to deliver high performance with all-day user comfort according to the manufacturer, as it is custom-fitted on the arm to minimise muscle effort. A new keypad option adds to the user experience with a familiar interface for manual keyed input.

The WT6300 is both rugged and lightweight and runs on Android 10 with a future-proof pathway to Android 11. Its high-performance specification includes 2.2 GHz processing power, 3GB RAM and 32GB Flash memory. It is the only wearable computer in its class to offer an extended, hot swappable battery that can power longer shifts and the only device in its class rated for freezer use with a battery that can operate at -30˚C (-22˚ F).

The WT6300 has been drop-tested to 4ft, is water- and dust-resistant and has been designed to handle frequent disinfectant wipe-downs. A related Zebra Bluetooth (5.0) ring scanner, HD4000 Head-Mounted Display and paired Zebra ring scanner that captures photos to document proof of condition on-the-fly are also available.

“The best way for supply chain businesses to measure the high impact of this device on their picking and sorting processes is to test it live in their operation, which thanks to our offer they can do for two months at no cost,” says Renovotec MD Richard Gilliard.

For more information, visit www.renovotec.com