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Try before you buy at robots demo centre

29 July 2020

OW Robotics (OWR) has launched a warehouse robotics demo centre.

Based at OWR’s Lincoln HQ, the centre allows UK businesses to replicate their processes within a sandbox environment, so they can get first-hand experience and insight into how a tailored automated robotics solution would impact their business. 

The centre has a fully functioning goods-to-person robotics grid including pick stations and multiple rack combinations so that customers can see an estimation of what their solution will look like alongside a demonstration of OWR’s WMS and RCS systems which guide the robots. The second floor is home to an A-to-B robotics grid to demonstrate the flexibility and speed in which the robots operate.

Earlier this year OWR announced a partnership with leading Chinese robotics manufacturer, Hikrobot.  

Joe Daft, head of robotics at OWR, says: “There’s no doubt the impact of Covid-19 on buying habits has tested the reliability and resolve of many businesses’ operations, questioning their speed and adaptability when demand spikes or shifts. This has only driven an already growing wave of businesses looking to automation and robotics.

“Gone are the days of the word ‘robotics’ meaning an investment of tens of millions of pounds in order to get a solution that is right for them. That said, it's still a significant investment and for most business leaders, although exciting and game changing, it’s unfamiliar. That’s why this demonstration centre is so important. There are lots of different solutions out there in the market that can achieve a wide range of aspects for logistical operations. This can often leave businesses unclear on what is the best option for them.

“By visiting our Robotics Demonstration Centre, visitors can see our robots complete tasks that mimic their own processes in a simulated environment, which helps to bring clarity and understanding on how they can meet their demands and challenges - there’s no better way to get the right solution.”