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Turn mobile computers into RFID readers

29 October 2021

THE ZEBRA RFD40 UHF RFUD Sled can transform an Android mobile computer into a RFID reader in seconds and is available from BarCodeData.

Data accuracy and scanning speed are crucial to any enterprise which relies on scanning technology. RFID solutions have gained in popularity in recent years due to the increased accessibility of hardware and the reducing price of the technology, with over 20 billion RFID tags sold worldwide in 2020 and over 60% going to the retail industry.

Traditional handheld scanners typically scan one item at a time, and can only scan barcodes which are visible and accessible to the scanner. But with RFID, multiple tags can be scanned in a split second, and there is no need for a tag to be visible as long as it is in range.

Zebra’s first RFID sled, the RFD8500 launched in 2016. It was particularly popular in retail, helping staff to locate and count inventory faster.

The RFD40 suits businesses where a fixed RFID reader isn’t feasible, and who don’t want to invest in expensive standalone RFID readers. Most businesses use mobile computers in some form or another so the ‘snap and go’ factor is an advantage. The RFD40 is forwards compatible with future Zebra mobile computers.

The RFD40 can read up to 1,300 tags per second, meaning one device can scan 78,000 individual items in one minute. It also has a quick release 7000mAh battery and can scan barcodes in addition to RFID tags.

For more information, visit www.barcodedata.co.uk