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Two approaches to compact storage

17 August 2021

ANIMAL FEED supplier Skretting commissioned AR Racking to fully optimise the floor space of its new 2,400 sq m warehouse in Cojóbar, Spain. 

The new warehouse is located next to the plant dedicated to the production of feed for aquaculture and attached to the one for the production of pet food.

AR Racking has installed for the Dutch multinational two different storage solutions, both designed for high-density compact storage. On the one hand, the warehouse has the shuttle system with capacity to store 2,953 europallets of finished product. It is a semi-automated solution that uses motorised pallet shuttles to transport the load autonomously inside the racking. On the other, Drive In compact pallet racking systems are designed to store 594 europallets of auxiliary material. 

“Our logistics capacity has been greatly increased with this new installation, which will help consolidate our position as leaders in the sector. We are very happy to have a warehouse equipped to operate in a very agile way and that takes advantage of every square metre,” says Skretting’s management. 

AR Racking northern region sales executive Mikel Bilbao, adds: “The semi-automated shuttle solution is ideal for a continuous flow of goods required by Skretting with its finished product. Rotation of auxiliary materials was not a primary factor, so we opted for a solution that would make the most of the space dedicated to those goods with Drive In compact pallet racking systems.” 

You can see a video of the installation here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9as0nr0BT3I

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com