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UFAS Certification awarded

25 October 2021

HOWARD TENENS Logistics has been awarded Universal Feeds Assurance Scheme (UFAS) certification for its Andover warehouse.

The UFAS work to ensure the safe practice of manufacturing, merchanting and distribution of feeds for food-producing animals in order to protect human and animal welfare. In particular, it provides an assurance system to ensure that feed destined for UK livestock meets safety requirements defined by legislation and industry standards.

In order to meet the criteria for certification, Howard Tenens Logistics demonstrated commitment to several requirements. For example, the prevention of cross-contamination, pest infestation and damage by storing feed strategically for good stock rotation purposes. In this way, any outdated or unsuitable products are easily identified and removed and do not enter the food chain. Additionally, Tenens ensure regular reviews and cleaning of storage areas are taking place, while actively monitoring pest control. Further measures are actioned to reduce contamination risks upon transportation.

Howard Tenens Andover operations manager Jeff Marshall, says: “Throughout Howard Tenens Logistics, employees have been trained to understand the pivotal role of Animal Feed in the Human Food Chain and to operate accordingly. In this way, we can support our customers as an extension of their supply chain in not only meeting the industry standards but also allowing for a sound and trusted supply chain for their customer base.”

For more information, visit www.tenens.com