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UK-made drive for conveyor applications

25 February 2021

THE SIEMENS Congleton factory is ready to take to the global market the new Sinamics G115D, a compact and powerful drive system specifically designed for horizontal conveyor applications.

The drive system comprises motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one unit and is offered in two versions - wall-mounted and motor-mounted with many design variations for the customer to choose from in the online configurator to suit their conveyor requirements.

The drive is specifically designed for conveyor applications compatible with the MindConnect portfolio enabling cloud-based analysis

Siemens Congleton SCM Lead Rob Matthews says: “It is a proud moment for us at Siemens Congleton as the inverter is made here and we have put together a system in which we can ready the product for delivery in 15 working days. If the customer orders a motor mount version, the inverter is made here, and then shipped to our sister factories in the Czech Republic or Germany to be married with the gearbox and the motor.”

Siemens Digital Industries Gary Wilcock adds: “It has been a challenging but rewarding journey getting the G115D ready for the market in the face of Brexit pressures. We are delighted to announce that we now have a nine-month production capacity of 11,000 units. The markets we are targeting include logistics, food and beverage, automotive and airports.”

The drive system can be put into operation quickly and easily with comprehensive integration into the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal including Startdrive commissioning software, or the Sinamics G120 Smart Access Module (SAM) web server tool for setup and diagnostics. To be prepared for digital transformation and to enable cloud-based analyses, Sinamics G115D is integrated into the entire MindConnect portfolio and is compatible with Mindsphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives.

For more information, visit www.siemens.com