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WMS drives DC optimisation for glass and tableware supplier

13 November 2019

Utopia Tableware, the UK’s largest supplier of glass and tableware to the hospitality industry, has deployed Microlistics WMS at its recently opened DC.

The Chesterfield based business has introduced the Microlistics WMS ‘Express’ variant to power the 170,000 sq ft, purpose-built facility, completing one phase of a £15 million-pound drive to improve capacity, productivity and efficiency across its operations.

The WMS forms the nerve centre and management control tower for the operation, driving optimisation of the DC, its resources, workflows, inventory management and fulfilment capabilities, including system-directed task management.

Cut-over to the new WMS went smoothly with on-site support from the Microlistics team able to conclude after just seven days on-site following go-live.

Under the new WMS, the DC is dispatching up to 14,000 carton picks per day with approximately 30,000 pallet space locations and pick-faces managed by the WMS. These volumes will increase, as Utopia continues to ramp up operations through a period of rapid global growth.

Utopia founder and CEO, Mark Rammell, said implementation timeframes and solution functionality were crucial determinants in their decision to implement Microlistics WMS.

“We needed a proven Tier 1 WMS, but also had a requirement to deploy rapidly as part of a scale-up to service the growing demand from our wholesale customers and distributors.

“It was paramount that we choose a WMS capable of scaling with us as we ramp up our current operations and with the advanced capabilities we will need to introduce new technologies in future as we further refine our warehousing operations.”