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WMS player makes £2 million investment

20 October 2021

DEMAND FOR SnapFulfil’s cloud-based WMS has prompted it to invest £2 million in building its team.

In recent months, some 20 team members have joined the company – in roles such as project manager, implementation analyst, network engineer, technical developer, QA manager – as the WMS provider continues to experience growth across the board.

In addition to increased demand from existing customers, SnapFufil has continued to win more varied and bigger business contracts in both its UK/Europe and US territories.

Areas witnessing a particular surge in activity include the 3PL and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sectors, with the global pandemic accelerating the bricks and mortar retail move towards D2C and many enterprise-level businesses experiencing unprecedented annual e-commerce growth of up to 35%.

SnapFulfil CEO Tony Dobson, explains: “We’ve invested heavily to attract new talent and I’m delighted to welcome so many new faces to the team. Our business continues to grow at an exponential rate and we still have a number of vacancies to fill.

“With customer purchasing habits irreversibly shifted and the D2C boom set to escalate, there are lots more opportunities to come. SnapFulfil can be cost effectively rolled out across multiple sites and easily configured to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern e-commerce market.”

For more information, visit www.snapfulfil.com