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Walmart in China deploys EP pallet trucks

05 February 2021

THE RETAILER entered the Chinese market in 1996 and operates more than 440 stores in over 180 Chinese cities. The retailer started a formal cooperation with EP in 2012.

For the major distribution centres operated by Walmart, the EPT20-15ET is the most suitable pallet truck with its compact size and light weight. It can easily fit into small and narrow aisles. Walmart wanted continuous working time over 16 hours (24 hours sometimes). To cater for such long working hours demands, EP installed this truck with side-pulling lead-acid battery exclusively for Walmart, along with two spare batteries on both sides, maximising running time on two shifts.

For back of stores with heavy duty but short distance applications, Walmart chose the EPT20-20WA. It has a large load capacity of 2000kg and small turning radius. When it comes to lifting and picking goods from higher shelving racks, a stable and flexible electric forklift would be better option. CPD20TV8 and CPD20FVD by EP are used in these circumstances.

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