Warehouse floor transformed

09 September 2020

CG Flooring Systems was challenged by a client to carry out a number of different repairs, removal of racking and ensure a warehouse floor was suitable for its desired operation. The client is a diecasting and toolmaking leader. Due to continued growth the client was expanding its business and taking on a new warehouse (1,900 sq m) facility in Hellaby, South Yorkshire.

As part of the project, the floor slab needed to be refurbished to support the operation. Following discussions with the client and understanding their brief, the agreed solution was to carry out floor repairs and apply CoGri High Build (HB) Solvent Free Epoxy Coating with a quartz aggregate broadcast between coats. Providing a durable, chemical resistant, surface finish with antislip properties to meet the client’s requirements.

A variety of floor repairs including joint arris edge re-build and the removal of old racking bolts were completed using CoGri Arris Repair Mortar and CoGri LV Resin.

Repairs complete, the next step was to mechanically prepare the substrate, which included decontamination work to encapsulate contaminants in the slab that were present as a result of the previous occupier’s operation. This was a key part of the surface preparation element and critical to the success of the new floor system.

Failing to deal with any contaminants in the right way, will almost certainly lead to premature failure of the new floor system.

The floor upgrade was completed within a week and the new CoGri HB Epoxy Coating provided a more aesthetically pleasing and safe floor, ready to support the client’s operation in their new premises.

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