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Warehouse performance revolution

22 April 2021

The arrival of automated warehouse technology has created an unavoidable question for owners of traditional warehouse operations: how long they can afford to wait before they upgrade to an ultra- efficient, 21st century automated system.

After all, the benefits of a ‘4D taxi’ automated warehouse – a specialism of automation pacesetters Moffett Automated Storage – mean anything less will be causing wasted capacity, slower handling and more downtime in comparison.

And the improvements compared to traditional storage go well beyond increased storage and smarter handling:

Automation vs Moffett Automated Storage: 1, Unlimited Scalability 

A superbly scalable system is now possible as a 4D taxi system can be expanded by adding more 4D taxis.

This means an ultra-flexible warehouse you can grow with your business.

Automation vs Moffett Automated Storage: 2, Uncompromised Selectivity 

There’s no long any need to compromise density for selectivity as a Moffett Automated Warehouse gives exceptional storage density combined with uninterrupted access to every pallet. This all adds up to the ultimate in selectivity. 

The result? Moffett Automated Storage delivers retrieval of the stock you need, every single time.

APR racking vs Moffett Automated Storage: 3, A Black Box Warehouse

Less energy use AND better temperature regulation can be achieved as no lights or human movement will be needed in a warehouse. Plus the benefits of a reduced door size compared to a conventional warehouse too.

For one client this has meant 150 pallets per hour, despite low temperature conditions, with no manual handling and outstanding cost efficiency.

APR racking vs Moffett Automated Storage: 4, Huge Capacity Improvements

Compared to a traditional warehouse, a 4D taxi system offers a 70% increase in storage capacity thanks to the efficiency of an automated layout vs traditional aisles.

Automation and improved racking simply delivers better use of all available space.

Automation vs Moffett Automated Storage: 5, An End to Downtime

Round-the-clock support access, meaning a specialist team in Moffett’s HQ in Ireland can control and drive your 4D system, reduces downtime to less than 1%.
In the event of a taxi being non-operational 99% of stock is still available, compared to the high loss of stock availability if traditional machinery goes down.

Why Moffett Automated Storage?
Thanks to generations of warehouse, technology and engineering know-how, Moffett Automated Storage has become the renowned choice for innovative warehouse owners worldwide.
To find out more simply ask for an initial consultation. Moffett Automated Storage will assess your current warehouse and detail the benefits of automated storage to save floor space and time, reduce costs, increase operational speed and – ultimately – drive superb return on investment.

For more information, visit www.moffettautomatedstorage.com