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Whitbread opens warehouse in Germany

18 March 2021

The hospitality group said the new facility is delivering benefits to its business with key products not being delayed on motorways and ports.

Whitbread has opened its first warehouse in Haiger, Germany as part of a long-term solution to support Premier Inn’s growth plans.

This set up provides Whitbread with centralised storage and quicker deliveries to hotels when required and reduces delivery costs by optimising deliveries to multiple locations.

Once the post-Brexit environment has been navigated, the focus will remain on delivering a service for acquisitions and new-builds, while also developing a more strategic warehousing solution that opens up multiple supply routes.

Whitbread has a Force for Good commitment to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2025, with the delivery optimisation from this project contributing to this.

It will also reduce transport emissions by consolidating suppliers’ orders into one delivery to the warehouse and consolidating multiple suppliers’ goods into one delivery to the hotels.

Whitbread’s next focus is on building the back office financial and tax processes to support the next phases of the project which will see the implementation of key lines of replenishment stock and the capability to accept inbound deliveries from internationally sourced products.