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Why is physical key management important in business security management?

04 May 2021

A comprehensive key management programme is essential to the security of any facility and the safety of workers and visitors. Controlling accessibility of keys for your business improves protection of both the building and its assets, enhances premise security, and prevents loss or damage. Here we will discuss how to implement a key management system as a vital part of a business safety strategy.

Keep a key administration log

Efficient key management will document the identification, location, and assignment of each key, making it quick and easy to know where a specific key is, and who is in possession of it at any time. This will make the process of sourcing a person or key quick and efficient in the case of emergencies. 

A key management log should only be accessed by team leaders and management and should be stored in a safe place such as the management office, where only authorised employees are allowed.

Reduce key ownership

To reduce the risk of loss or theft, it is important to minimise the number of designated staff members entrusted to be responsible for using and overseeing the keys. It is also their duty to verify that all keys which are required to be returned, are back in their secure storage locations by a certain time each day. When using or returning a key, employees should record this within the key administration log so a record of activity can be kept for management review.

Store keys safely 

Simply hanging important keys in a visible location is a security risk, and they should be kept out of sight in a discreet, secure place. Key control cabinets are therefore required to meet a range of capacity needs, with various features which can aid in key management.

Controlled-access key boxes and key cabinets from Reece Enterprise allow managers to assign keys to required staff members on a restricted and ad-hoc basis. Key cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer many beneficial security features; many key cabinets are made from strong steel, with a powder coated finish, and are supplied with numbered hooks, coloured key tags, card index strong cylinder lock with two keys. It is vital to ensure that you invest in a strong key storage cabinet to prevent damage.

Keep keys organised

Key cabinets provide a permanent and organised location for all keys when they are not in use. For ease and accessibility, it is important to keep keys stored in a particular order so authorised employees can easily access them when needed. 

Use a code system to label your keys

Keys are often labelled with key tags according to the equipment or access point that they belong to – while this can be beneficial for employees to understand, it will only aid thieves in knowing where to go with each specific key. When using keys, use a coded system that only the internal team know, keeping the codes in a book safely stored away in a locked drawer or box. This will prevent criminals from gaining access to important documents or rooms within your facility.

Key management is an important system that should be implemented within any businesses to ensure safety and security, both within the premises and for employees.

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