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Wireless battery charging firm gets funding boost

08 October 2019

Start-up Wiferion has received a capital injection from investment firms to fuel its vision to become the standard of wireless charging for the global electrified economy. 

Since 2016 Wiferion has been developing high-speed wireless charging systems for both industrial end-users, such as automotive OEMs, as well as manufacturers of mobile robots, industrial trucks and AGVs.

In addition to wireless charging hardware, the company offers an energy management solution for industrial vehicle fleets including smart battery systems.

Although Wiferion just started serial production in 2018 it already has customers such as KUKA, who chose Wiferion as its partner to bring wireless charging into its new mobile robot platforms. 

One of the key investors - Nordic Alpha Partners - says the strategy is to enable a quick expansion to more markets.

Partner in Nordic Alpha Partners, Laurits Bach Sørensen, explains: “We invest in companies that have the potential to dominate their categories globally. But the potential of Wiferion goes far beyond them spearheading high-performance wireless charging. In fact, we believe that their innovative technology and capabilities can make them the true enabler of the electrified economy. During the 1st wave of the electrified economy, everyone has focused on bringing more effective battery technologies to the market. But together with Wiferion we essentially believe that there is a classical early phase misconception of what the true driver for mass market conversion will be.”

“To put it into perspective; if your electric car, robot, bus or forklift can seamlessly charge with minimal energy loss and reduce the need for expensive and heavy battery packages - why would even consider fossil based energy sources? This technology is what Wiferion can provide today, and with our investment we believe we can make it become the standard.”