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Wireless people verification system to launch

12 August 2019

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching ‘Touch Facility Evacuation and Verification’, a system that uses Active RFID (radio frequency identification) badge-and-reader technology to record and track personnel entering, leaving and using the warehouse.

In an emergency the system ensures that all badged employees, contractors and visitors are identified immediately. The same system can be integrated with other applications to reduce the loss of tools, equipment and other physical assets, and to monitor employee time and attendance in the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing or other facilities.

The Active RFID badges used by the TouchPath system can store extensive information on an individual and have a typical battery life of three years.

‘Touch Facility Evacuation and Verification’ uses RFID antennas placed near entrances and exits and other strategic locations to track when badged personnel enter and leave a building, to identify who is present at fire muster points and to track the exact location of those who are not. Access to the system is by mobile device or PC for location reporting and search, with user-friendly data viewing via a graphical map of the facility floor plan.