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Workhorse gets update

08 November 2019

STILL has revamped the RX 60-25/35 series with a driving speed of up to 21 km/h and improved lift speeds.

The RX 60 is said to set new standards in the 2.5- to 3.5-ton weight class. The new drive concept with two motors offered in two performance classes, together with active cooling and shortened power transfer distances, ensures extremely short response times and maximum torque even from the first revolution.

STILL offers options for the truck’s cab and operating unit to provide the driver with maximum comfort and fatigue-free working. With its optimum equipment for demanding tasks, the RX 60 is extremely versatile in use: for sideways loading/unloading of trucks, horizontal transport of load carriers, stacking in shelves or racks with lift heights of up to 7390mm, order-picking and provisioning.

The new front axle drive design has two maintenance-free, 3-phase drives using 80-Volt technology. These two motors each deliver 8.5kW of power in the standard version and the high-performance drive axle option is available with 2x10,5 kW. It means STILL has increased the drive motor power by 40% with improved energy efficiency at the same time. This was achievable due to new inverters and an innovative design with extremely short power transfer between the inverters, the two drive motors and the pump motor. High thermal stability, even at maximum goods-handling performance is guaranteed thanks to new demand-driven active cooling which uses robust, low-maintenance blowers allowing constant operation even in sprint mode.

Even larger drivers find comfortable space in the roomy, ergonomically-designed cab with extremely generous leg and head room. The large cab door, grab-handle and wide, low entry step with a non-slip steel step edge and anti-slip rubber mat allow the truck to be entered conveniently and safely. From the comfortable driver’s seat, the operator has a good view upwards through the extremely robust protective roof with an additional glass panel which comes as standard and a completely unobstructed view through the optional glass panoramic roof.

STILL offers the largest range of truck operating variants on the market, extending from a variety of foot-pedals and switches on the steering column to four different control options for driving and hydraulics: multi-lever, mini-lever, 4Plus joystick and a completely newly-developed fingertip operating unit for precise, safe load handling and a fast change of driving direction.

For smart networking, the RX 60 can be connected via an optional interface to STILL’s FleetManager for quick and easy access control to the truck’s operating data or to STILL’s neXXt fleet online portal for intelligent, efficient fleet control.

Battery changing will be increasingly avoided in many 2-shift applications by using the RX 60. This is due to greater energy efficiency, the larger battery capacity of up to 775 Ah with lead-acid batteries or the use of lithium ion technology.